Match-fixing investigation started after teams score 187 goals in two matches

Football Match-Fixing

Sierra Leone FA investigating ’embarrassing’ 95-0 & 91-1 scorelines Football Match-Fixing

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) has announced that an investigation will be carried out into two matches that ended with 95-0 and 91-1 scorelines.

Football Match-Fixing

A remarkable haul of 187 goals was recorded across a couple of second tier fixtures involving derby dates for Kenema-based Kahunla Rangers and Kono outfit Gulf FC.

They crushed Lumbebu United and Koquima Lebanon respectively, but some serious questions are being asked of those involved given that the games in question were only 2-0 and 7-1 respectively at half-time – with the final outcomes having now been annulled.

Why is an investigation being launched?

Football Match-Fixing

The SLFA are aware of serious match manipulation concerns, leaving them with little choice but to delve deeper into proceedings.

Organisation president Thomas Daddy Brima has told BBC Sport Africa: “We can’t stand by and see an embarrassing situation like this go unpunished.

“We’re going to launch an immediate investigation and bring to book all those responsible for this mediocrity.

“All those found guilty will be dealt with in accordance with the SLFA laws, and will also be handed over to the country’s anti-corruption commission.”


What have those involved had to say about the results?

Football Match-Fixing

Kahunla Rangers chief executive Eric Kaitell has condemned the actions of their opponents, saying on social media: “I want to start by apologising to the football fans in the country and the world at large for the odd match result of my club Kahunla Rangers.

“I want to state firmly that I strongly condemn such unsportsmanlike behaviour displayed by my team, and the other teams involved.

“I’m setting up a committee to investigate the whole team including the technical staff and the executive members, and whoever is found wanting will be dealt with accordingly.”

Lumbebu’s general manager, Mohamed Jan Saeid Jalloh, claims to be unaware of any wrongdoing, stating: “I’m not aware of any match manipulation but can’t vouch for others.

“We conceded lots of goals in the second half. I was frustrated and at some point even left the touchline in anger. I wasn’t concentrating afterwards, so I can’t even tell how many goals we conceded in all.

“I’ll never be part of match fixing.

“I’m calling on the football authorities to investigate both matches and bring to book anyone found wanting. And if nobody is found guilty of any crime then so be it.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of Koquima Lebanon has claimed that his side’s game against Gulf FC was actually a friendly involving “players in the community, including some Koquima players” and has disputed reports of the contest ending 91-1.

Football Match-Fixing



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