The biggest match-fixing scandal football history: Two games that ended 95-0 and 91-1 being investigated.

A total Football Mafia of 187 goals were scored in the matches between Gulf FC vs Koquima Lebanon and Kahunla Rangers vs Lumbebu United in the Sierra Leone promotion battle

Football Mafia

Suspicious scorelines featuring 187 goals over 180 minutes in two matches in Sierra Leone with promotion to the First Division at stake.

Playing at the same time were Gulf FC vs Koquima Lebanon and Kahunla Rangers vs Lumbebu United, with Gulf and Kahunla tied on points and needing to rely on ‘goal average’ to decide whether they would be promoted to their Premier League from the Super10 Eastern Championship.

At half-time Gulf led 7-1 and Kahunla were only 2-0 up… until the second half, when, with both teams constantly aware of what their opponents were doing, a suspicious goalscoring orgy ensued.

Gulf ended up beating Koquima 91-1 and Kahunla won 95-0 against Lumbebu… 187 goals in 180 minutes!

One of the referees Football Mafia left the match

The newspaper ‘Corriere dello Sport’ reports that the situation was so shameful, given the clear complicity of the two rivals in allowing themselves to be beaten, that even one of the referees ended up leaving the match

Sierra Leone Football Association investigates Football Mafia match-fixing

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) disavowed the two results and has opened an investigation into blatant match-fixing of these two matches.

“We can’t stand by and see an embarrassing situation like this go unpunished,” SLFA president Thomas Daddy Brima told BBC Sport Africa.

“We’re going to launch an immediate investigation and bring to book all those responsible for this mediocrity.

“All those found guilty will be dealt with in accordance with the SLFA laws, and will also be handed over to the country’s anti-corruption commission.”

What is the biggest scoreline in football history?

In 2002, Madagascar’s AS Adema beat SO l’Emyrne 149-0 in what is supposed to be the biggest scoreline in the history of football (approved by the Guinness Book of Records).

The SO l’Emyrne players devoted themselves to scoring 149 own goals in protest at refereeing decisions.

David Barber, FA historian: “I had heard of a local league match in Nottingham that ended 50-2, and there was a 43-0 in an Austrian regional match before the Second World War. Plus the 36-0 between Arbroath and Bon Accord in 1885. But nothing as big as this. It’s certainly a world record.”



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