No evidence against Borja Fernandez nor Real Valladolid in Operation Oikos

Fixed Betting

Fixed Betting

Borja Fernandez Fixed Betting was arrested as part of the ‘Operation Oikos‘ which has engulfed Spanish football, but he has wanted to make his innocence clear, first through third parties and then directly. Fixed Betting

The 38-year-old has been accused of belonging to a criminal organisation and taking part in corruption, with the specific match under investigation being Real Valladolid‘s home clash with Valencia on the final day of the season in LaLiga Santander, which happened to be Fernandez‘s last game before retirement.

All of this has been based on police conclusions and different statements that explained that Raul Bravo, one of the suspected ring leaders, was in Valladolid on the Thursday before the Valencia match and that he met Fernandez on that day, May 16. Fixed Betting

The met up after a brief telephone call about Fixed Betting.

Raul Bravo: What time do you finish? Fixed Betting

Borja: What Fixed Betting?

Raul Bravo: What time do you train?

Borja: Five o’clock. Fixed Betting

Raul Bravo: Well, shall we have a coffee at three o’clock?

Borja: Come on, okay. Fixed Betting

Raul Bravo: Okay, send me a location or something about Fixed Betting.

Borja: Where are you?

Raul Bravo: I’m almost done, send me a location or something. Or 2:30pm, whenever you want, I don’t care.

Borja: Eh, whenever you want, I’m going to eat now because I’ve got training at five.

Raul Bravo: Okay, what was the name of the place we were at the other time by the river?

Borja: No, but I’ll tell you it’s here next to my house and such.

Raul Bravo: Okay, tell me. Fixed Betting

Borja: Hurry up, okay, see you soon.

Raul Bravo: I’ll hurry, okay, ciao ciao.

They were looking to meet at the Corinto GastroLounge in Valladolid.

The investigation acknowledges that Bravo lost track of where he was going upon Fixed Betting his arrival in Valladolid and does not recognise that the former Real Madrid player was at Real Valladolid’s training session, as discovered by MARCA Fixed Betting.

“He remained in the city until 15:50 [CET], at which time he started driving his car towards Madrid,” it says.

Concluding Bravo‘s visit to Valladolid before what really happened, the report indicates that the next step was the meeting between Carlos Aranda and Bravo in Madrid and several calls from Aranda himself to different friends in which, according to the summary, Real Valladolid or any of its players are not referenced.

Aranda refers to “encrypted” phones, without knowing that he was being recorded. In the meeting between the two, on the Friday night, Aranda spoke about giving Bravo 10,000 euros, again without citing Real Valladolid at any time. Despite this, the police conclusion is that “this money would allow Raul Bravo to pay some of his debt that the leaders of the organisation have with the Real Valladolid players.”

The famous barbeque

With the phone already tapped, Fernandez made several calls on Friday the 17th that are relevant to this investigation. His daughter, Lucia, informs him that there is a barbeque at Keko Gontan‘s house and that they have been invited, as well as a call to Carlos SuarezReal Valladolid‘s president, with whom he discusses the press conference in which he would announce his retirement from professional football and the watch that the players who were promoted to LaLiga Santander would receive after the match against Valencia. The conversation is interrupted in which Fernandez talks again about the food at Keko‘s house, which Fixed Betting the research deemed to be “of great interest.”

The seven players at the barbeque Fixed Betting

On Saturday, May 18, the final round of matches in LaLiga Santander is played. Real Valladolid lose to Valencia, while Getafe and Villarreal draw, which apparently disrupts the alleged bet. These results led to a long telephone conversation between Carlos Aranda Reina, his cousin Carlos Lopez Aranda and a friend, Ivan Alonso Barrio, apparently trying to explain what has happened and what the consequences might be. The result that was deemed to have failed was Getafe‘s clash with Villarreal.

Fixed Betting

“Vulture, remember what [the nickname of someone in the past] told me, I had the same thing happen,” Aranda pronounced at the end of the conversation.

“You draw when there’s something [unintelligible]. It’s just that I [unintelligible] was done . There were only three players who didn’t, no; there were seven players who were bought, that’s all.”

Another relevant call is made by Carlos Aranda to his friend, Ignacio Ojeda, which is similar to the previous call, remaining ambiguous and without clarity as to whether he is discussing Real Valladolid or Getafe. About the latter, he does admit to having spoken to “the people of Getafe.”

“But the best thing about it Nacho, the best thing of all, is that I knew a bet Fixed Betting, only what it was, that there would be a draw and Valencia would win,” said Aranda.

“I don’t know why Raul put me in Getafe‘s head, he made me talk to the people of Getafe, who told me that there were only seven. And I knew that of those seven, there were three on the pitch, I guarantee you.”

The aforementioned barbeque featured seven players from Real ValladolidFernandezKekoKiko OlivasAntonitoOscar PlanoJavi Moyano and Nacho Martinez, but it was the first four and not the other three who were starters against Valencia, which would rule out that the phrase was talking about Los Pucelanos.

Fixed Betting

In any event, the summary, the part concerning Borja Fernandez at least, shows that the 38-year-old may be free of all charges before ‘Operation Oikos‘ goes to trial. For now, he’s still considered to be a “necessary author.” For now Fixed Betting.

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